Top-quality metalworking


We are engaged in metal processing and production of metal components made of black, stainless s and color steel.



We provide services:

  • turning and milling
  • grinding, polishing of elbows, tees, smaller components of stainless steel, machine and hand
  • CO2 shielded welding, aluminum, TIG
  • bending pipes, sheets, flat
  • stamping
  • cutting, punching patterns in elements of metal
  • powder coating
  • spot welding
  • the design of new models, products upon request



We use a large machinery park which includes:

  • pipe benders SLALOM CNC φ 6 - 22 mm
  • eccentric 10 - 300 tons
  • hydraulic presses 30, 60, 100 tons
  • press brakes
  • RASKIN turret punch presses for sheet metal
  • grinding machines for pipes, profiles
  • spot welding to 25kV
  • powder cot oven 3,5m x 1,2m x 1,5m (L x W x H)
  • laser cutting parts of the pipes and metal sheets