Projekt Konkret - Obróbka metali i podzespołów metalowych

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Projekt Konkret - Roman Jarysz
The company was founded in August 2008 on the initiative of the current owner, who started a one-person business in his ,,garage”. Over the years and more orders, Projekt Konkret- a small family-owned business has become a company employing more than 20 people. The company has grown so much that in 2020 it was moved from it’s old location to a new, spacious headquarters in Szewce (35 km. from Poznań). We use the fallowing machines and equipment in our current 1000m2 location:
We use the fallowing machines and equipment in our current 1000m2 location:

  • pipe benders fi 6-60
  • press brakes 135-220 tons
  • grinders for pipes, profiles
  • spot welding machines up to 25KV
  • condenser welding machine
  • arc welding machine
  • lacquering furnace (length approx. 10m)
  • laser Fieber Mazak 3000x1500mm
  • metal-sheet rolling machine (width 1000mm)
  • profile rolling machine up to 100mm
  • welding robot
  • silver soldering equipment

We cooperate with many Polish and foreign companies at the moment. Our approach to customers is unchanged. Whether you are contacting us as a retail customer or on behalf of large company. We build our brand on conscientious and reliable service to every client, pricing smaller and larger orders. We appreciate long-term cooperation not only with customers, but also with employees. Our specialist and technologist are highly knowledgeable and creative in taking on new challenges or projects. This allows us to look at the customer individually and comprehensively, using simple and advanced solutions. We perform work related to machining and production of metal parts. We offer our customers a variety of services such as:

  • welding ( MIG/MAG, TIG ) and brazing/soldering
  • laser cutting of various types of metals
  • bending of metal sheets, profiles, tubes flat bars.
  • point welding metal sheets, studs and mandrels
  • rolling of metal sheets and cones
  • surface finishing of stainless steel, aluminum and black steel components
  • machining of metal parts(milling, threading, turning).

We invite all interested to contact with us!

Projekt Konkret - Roman Jarysz

Dobieżyn ul. Topolowa 4
64 - 320 Buk
NIP: 788-171-97-74
REGON 300899221

tel. 500-638-005
tel. (061) 813-55-11
fax. (061) 813-55-11
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