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MIG/MAG welding-is the process of joining two metal parts using high temperatures to heat and melt the parts that form a weld at the point of contact. MIG welding is carried out under the cover of inactive (inert) gases, while MAG welding is carried out under the cover of active gases. They are used for automatic welding, process lines and are characterized by good weld quality, high efficiency of the method and the ability to weld parts of a wide range of thicknesses.
The TIG method involves welding with a non-fusible electrode in an inert gas shield. It is characterized by the ability to join all grades of steel, welding of independent metals and the highest quality weld joints with a wide range of thicknesses.
Soldering-is a method of permanently joining metal parts, using a metal binder called solder with a melting point lower than the melting point of the parts being joined.

We make a precision welding and brazing services for black steel, stainless steel, copper or titanium.  The pucharse of modern welding robot also allow us to weld aluminium parts. We solder components with silver, derivative materials in a shield of acetylene gas and in an induction heater. We have welding qualifications and certificates, which influences the careful execution with attention to detail, followed by comprehensive quality control.

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